Wendy Darker

Acrylic, Oil, watercolour paintings and prints

MENU: 'Prints 1' features cow and sheep prints. 'Prints 2' features pig and chicken prints. 

'Prints 3' features domestic animal and horse prints. 'Prints 4' features wild animal prints. 

Welcome to the website of award winning renowned artist Wendy Darker. Here you can view Wendy's work, purchase pieces online and find out about forthcoming events and shows.

Our next show is the ANIMAL EARTH EXHIBITION from  the 24th to the 30th October. 

The next painting workshop is PAINT A PHEASANT FOR CHRISTMAS, on the 22nd November (repeated on 23rd).

To book phone us on 01335 324502 or St John Street Gallery on 01335 347425. 

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